Friday, March 4, 2011

First Feature!

Yes, I am alive. I had my wisdom teeth out plus have been very busy withs school, so haven't had time for blogging (I know, I know - note to self: MAKE TIME).

Anyways,  I am back with a bang announcing my first feature!

I've been featured on I Dress Therefore I Am's Fashion Friday blog!

See my feature here. Though it's only a photo, 'tis still a start.

Special (and so much) thanks to Alexa Rae at I Dress, Therefore I Am.

Soon I shall be posting more outfit photos and some costuming news.

All Yours,

1 comment:

  1. oo congratulations lovely!! :)

    its Di from Comely..:) i just changed my blog name and restarted it again- i know, call me crazy! hehe But i hope you continue to follow me through the new blog from now!

    thanks for the love and support!!